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About Us

Cargonet was founded in 2013 by Stephen Landy who has 30 years experience in the freight industry. Starting at the bottom as a driver, he worked his way up through Operations, to Sales, where he found his passion. 

After facing redundancy from a cargo airline, and being at a cross roads in his career, he felt that it was his time to go it alone and follow his dream of setting up a business, hence Cargonet was born.


Our Team

We’ve been in this business for coming up to a decade now, with our well-oiled team of logistic specialists at the heart of what we do.

We thrive off collaborating, learning, adapting and providing world-class freight wholesale solutions to hundreds of freight forwarders worldwide, thriving on the new relationships we make each and every day!



Our Camberley hub is the Cargonet Head Office. We moved here in 2015, and have since more than doubled our office space – a real testament to the incredible work of our employees.

We opened our Heathrow office in 2018.  The warehouse is 160,000ft2.  This is where we handle, screen and process your goods, taking care of all the red tape


Our services

Air Freight

Hundreds of freight forwarders depend on Cargonet every day for our world-class Air Freight services.

Road Freight

Looking for high-quality road transportation? Cargonet can provide vehicles of all sizes and capabilities!


Looking to get your consignment from A to B as quickly as possible? Our Courier services can’t be beaten!


With Cargonet Charters, rent an entire aircraft and determine departure/arrival locations and times. 

Building the bridge between forwarder and wholesaler

Why choose us?

We want to consistently help build the bridge between forwarder and wholesaler, creating new business relationships and enabling the freight industry to thrive for years to come.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide efficient, reliable, quality logistics to freight forwarders across the globe; increasing the standard of their operations, while ensuring our carbon footprint is as low as possible.

Cargonet Heathrow Warehouse
Wheels Down Aircraft
Cargonet Courier Van

Why Did Cargonet Choose Air Freight?

Originally formed to provide a freelance sales resource for UK GSAs as well as wholesale services into Nigeria, there was a clear gap in the market for a choice when it came to wholesalers.  Our services were rapidly expanded to cater to our customer’s needs and demands, which have brought us to where we are today.

Cargonet Timeline

Cargonet is born!

Cargonet was founded by Stephen Landy, who worked from a small office in his house.


Cargonet hires first employees

Firstly a Sales Executive followed an Operations Assistant, operating from our first office based at Colnbrook, Heathrow.


Colnbrook, Heathrow

Scaling up!

Cargonets 6 employees move into a bigger office at Camberley, turning over £2m and moving over 2 million kilos worldwide.


Camberley, Surrey

Heathrow bound

Cargonet opens a small operations office based at Heathrow to oversee the cargo coming through the warehouse.


Heathrow, London

£5m turnover reached!

The company expands to 12 employees, and exceeds £5m turnover


Camberley, Surrey

Let’s Cheers!

Heathrow expansion

Cargonet combat their way through the pandemic, creating new positions as well as opening a new larger office facility based on London Heathrow


Heathrow, London

New year, new goals

Cargonet continue to grow to 15+ staff, alongside an investment in marketing and some exciting new positions! Watch this space.


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